At All Makes Heating & Air Conditioning (AMHAC) we dedicate time together towards improving the experience we provide to our clients. Although decisions and actions aren’t always clear cut, it’s our values that provide us with guidelines for our choices. It is through our company standards that we improve our chances to behave consistently as a team on giving memorable experiences and making our family, friends, neighbors and suppliers glad to live and work with us.

Call AMHAC and experience our mission and values firsthand. We will ensure that servicing and/or replacing your HVAC equipment will be an outstanding customer experience.

AMHAC’S Company Mission

To achieve and maintain unparalleled quality as measured by customer satisfaction. To provide the highest quality service and equipment available. We are committed to excellence in all we do. As our reputation for excellence increases, so will our profitability and growth.

AMHAC’s Vision

To deliver products and services that will ultimately exceed our customer’s expectations. To be perceived by consumers and peers as the leader in providing indoor comfort. To be the best in all that we do; there is no room for second place. To never forget our humble beginnings and to always remember that we are where we are because our original goal was quality, service and honesty beyond compare.

Our Company Principles

Each employee will strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction at all times, for, our customer is not dependent on us… we are dependent on our customer. Our customers are all those, both inside and outside, the company we do business with. To be friendly, courteous and honest in all relationships. To treat others as we like to be treated. To listen carefully, ask questions, and determine what the customer wants and when.

10+ Years of Service

Just as AMHAC is grateful for the thousands of loyal customers who have supported the company throughout the past 55 years, we also thank the employees who have worked diligently for many years to ensure AMHAC’s continued success.

These employees have served AMHAC customers for at least 10 years:

  • William Weinberg, President, 45 years
  • Saul Weinberg, Vice President, 43 years
  • Pat Morano, Sales Engineer, Piping & Refrigeration, 35 years
  • Marc Berman, Senior Engineer, 31 years
  • Eddie M., Installer, 31 years
  • Juan P., Installer, 31 years
  • Mohan Persaud, Sales Engineer, Sheet Metal, 30 years
  • Erik H., Senior Service Tech, 29 years
  • Roger Mariusso, Sales Engineer & Service Department, Electrical, 22 years
  • Arturo M., Installer, 20 years
  • Attila H., Lead Service tech / Installer, 20 years
  • Christina Russo, Payroll Administrator / Accounts Payable, 19 years
  • Angel A., Lead Service Tech, 19 years
  • Diego G., Installer, 17 years
  • Carlos A., Installer, 15 years
  • Mario C., Installer, 15 years
  • Alfonso A., Installer, 14 years