A Philly candy company was pivotal in air-conditioning’s rise. We’ll need it this week.

When the Stephen F. Whitman candy company — the folks who made those “Whitman’s Sampler” chocolate assortments — installed a new cooling system at its Philadelphia candy works, the very concept of air-conditioning was revolutionary.

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Air Conditioning Shortage Ahead of Hot Summer Causes Nationwide Price Spike

One heating and air conditioning corporation in Eastchester, New York, already has a waiting list ahead of the summer season after booming sales. AMHAC, a family-owned business that installs and repairs air conditioners, is still waiting on some key components such as sheet metal, motors, circuit boards, copper coils and engines that help the units start.

Yet, it’s not only supplies that the company is waiting on- the workforce is also lagging behind. And according to the general manager at AMHAC, Natalie LLoyd, it’s an industry problem.

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Your Hot-Weather Guide to Coronavirus, Air-Conditioning and Airflow

Indoor air is riskier than outdoor air. So what do you do if it’s really hot out?

Despite its critical role in our daily lives, air is not something most of us spend a great deal of time thinking about. It’s that easy to take for granted. Unlike water, we don’t need to fill up a cup to consume it. If some escapes from the room, more will find its way back in, whether we open the door or not.

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HVAC & COVID: AMHAC Field and Office Teams Step Up at NY’s ‘Ground Zero’

AMHAC’s superior leadership and experienced personnel provide stability during drastic business situations.

The team at All Makes Heating and Cooling (AMHAC) of Eastchester, NY, has given it their all, in the center of the nation’s COVID-19 infestation, New York City. The company’s reputation, field and office teamwork and experienced leadership contributed to its success as it worked through a drastic change in business operations.

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Getting the House Ready for Winter

This fall has been a balmy one, but winter is coming. For homeowners living in colder climates, the waning hours of daylight signal the time to start readying the home for snowy days and bitter nights ahead.

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Tips for Camouflaging Thermostats, Radiators & Air Conditioners

Weather in the Northeast being what it is, our in-wall thermostats, radiators and air conditioners are usually only used for a fraction of the year and the rest of the time they serve as unsightly additions to our décor. Here are a few ideas ideas for hiding or disguising the offending boxes and we want to hear your tips as well.

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A Coolant That Threatens to Heat Up the Climate

GASES found in air-conditioners, refrigerators and aerosols are among the biggest threats to our climate. Pound for pound, these hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, can be vastly more powerful for planetary warming than carbon dioxide. World leaders are in Vienna to discuss these pollutants and should agree on a plan to quickly replace them with safer alternatives.

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No Respite From the Heat for Air-Conditioning Installers

As Mike Passeggio went about his work this week, the sun did so as well, melting his frozen plastic water bottle as he hauled old ducts and other air-conditioning equipment from the attic of a house here.

“You got to do something, put music on or something, and don’t think about it,” Mr. Passeggio, 26, said of the sweltering heat that makes attics hotter and stuffier than other parts of a home. “Think cold.”

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Chilly at Work? Office Formula Was Designed for Men

Summers are hot in Omaha, where heat indexes can top 100 degrees. But Molly Mahannah is prepared.

At the office, she bundles up in cardigans or an oversized sweatshirt from her file drawer. Then, she says, “I have a huge blanket at my desk that I’ve got myself wrapped in like a burrito.” Recently, “I was so cold, I was like ‘I’m just going to sit in my car in like 100-degree heat for like five minutes, and bake.’”

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